Comprehensive services in accounting,
taxes and wages

  • Professional bookkeeping for legal entities and natural persons doing business.
  • We are professionally insured for the services provided.
  • We provide services in its own premises, parking for clients is provided.
  • Possibility of collecting documents or commuting to your company.
  • The scope of our services is chosen by the client himself.

We are registered in the list of consulting companies of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic.

Our Services


Complete accounting processing in accordance with the Act on Accounting, records of receivables and payables, records of assets, preparation of profit and loss statements, balance sheets and notes to the financial statements, preparation of audit documentation and cooperation with auditors. We carry out continuous checking of documents and balances of financial statement items. Naturally, a report on results at intervals according to the client’s requirements is provided.

Possibility of reconstruction of your accounting.

Tax records

for natural persons doing business, who do not have to keep accounts. Processing and accounting of documents, keeping records of income and expenditure, cash books, books of receivable and debts, small and long-term assets, its depreciation.

Processing of tax returns

Processing of tax returns – direct and indirect taxes. Postponement of the deadline for filing income tax returns for legal entities and natural persons.

Tax consultancy

Tax optimization according to valid legislation, continuous tax consultancy. We are registered in the list of consulting companies of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic,  responsible tax advisor – Ing.Jana Tiralová

Wages and human resources

We offer services from preparation of employment contract, through employer and employee log-in / log-out to OSSZ, health insurance company, payroll processing, issuing of all confirmation required by employees, pension insurance records, payroll sheets, calculation of statutory insurance, processing all documents for paying and paying, annual accounting of employee taxes, withholding tax, dependent activity taxes, communication with authorities, representation in OSSZ inspections, health insurance companies, distraint calculations, records and administration related to enforcement orders, calculations of entitlement to meal vouchers, travel expenses calculation.

Additional services

Intrastat, statistical statements, invoice payment, invoice issuance and dispatch, stock records processing, business plan processing, control, loan application processing including business plan, possibility of VAT refund from other member states, filing documents in the collection of documents , data box operating.

Outsourcing of accounting, payrolls / Why should you entrust us with accounting?

  • Are you a small or medium-sized company and have your accounting records been processed by your employees?
  • Are you afraid to transfer this work to an external company?

We will offer customized solutions to your needs.

Outsourcing advantages

  • We will offer customized solutions to your needs.
  • With us you do not solve outages due to sick leaves.
  • External accounting can be cheaper than accounting done by an employee - you do not pay levies, holidays, sickness compensation, accounting software updates, regular training
  • Quality of our work is guaranteed, we have professional insurance.

Services price list

After finding the initial information about your business we will prepare a quotation of our services.

The prices below are approximate. The resulting bid, based on the complexity of your processing, may be higher or lower.

For long-term cooperation we prefer fixed monthly flat rates. The price for our services depends on the scope and complexity of the services provided.

Price list

payroll processing

according to the number of employees

285 CZK / 1 employee / month

processing of wages

agreement to complete a job

120 CZK / 1 agr. / month

tax records

non-payer of VAT up to 30 items

1.100 CZK / month

+18 CZK for an item over the above number

tax records

VAT payer up to 50 items

2.300 CZK / month

+18 CZK for an item over the above number


non-payer VAT up to 50 items

2.300 CZK / month

+18 CZK for an item over the above number


VAT payer up to 50 items

2.500 CZK / month

+18 CZK for an item over the above number

Prices do not include VAT.

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    Účetnictví Frýdek-Místek s.r.o.
    V. Blodka 222
    739 25

    Company ID: 04256247
    VAT ID: CZ04256247

    The company is registered in the Commercial Register under file number C 62976 at the Regional Court in Ostrava